Senior Medical Staff Careers

  • Our Vision

    The Royal Children's Hospital believes that through our highly specialised and dedicated Medical Staff that the best outcomes for the Children of Victoria can be achieved.  We are therefore committed to attracting and partnering with the most talented Senior Paediatric Medical Staff to help us meet our vision.. to be a great children's hospital.

    What can we offer you?

    The Royal Children's Hospital has the privilege of being the only dedicated paediatric hospital in Victoria. 

    The Royal Children's Hospital offers Senior Medical Staff opportunities to work with some of the most complex and challenging paediatric cases in Australia whilst being supported by a talented and highly trained medical workforce.  The level of referrals, patient complexity, volume and variety that the Royal Children's Hospital can offer you contributes to its reputation as a true Centre of Excellence.


    The Royal Children's Hospital is fully committed to research as evidenced by the campus partnership with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) .

    Senior Medical staff are encouraged to participate in research activities - both clinical and laboratory based.


    Another crucial element for Senior Medical Staff within the Royal Children's Hospital is their commitment to teaching. With our other campus partner the University of Melbourne, our Senior Medical Staff are passionate about sharing their knowledge with undergraduate students and post graduate junior staff.

    There is a spirit of collegiality that surrounds everything we do, and our Senior Medical staff continuously mentor, train and encourage Junior Medical Staff. 

    Your role in our future...

    We encourage leading paediatric senior medical staff to consider joining the Royal Children's Hospital and help make the Royal Children's Hospital meet its vision to be a great children's hospital.

    Further information?

    If you would like further information in relation to Senior Medical Staff Careers with the Royal Children's Hospital please contact the Medical Workforce Unit

    Medical Workforce Unit
    Telephone: +613 9345 6365

    Our vision is to be a great children's hospital - join us and become part of this vision!