Junior Medical Staff Careers

  • Our Vision

    The Royal Children's Hospital believes that through our highly specialised and dedicated Medical Staff, that the best outcomes for the Children of Victoria can be achieved.  We are therefore committed to attracting and partnering with the most talented Paediatric Junior Medical Staff to help us meet our vision .. to be a great children's hospital.

    What can we offer you?

    The Royal Children's Hospital has the privilege of being the only dedicated paediatric hospital in Victoria. 

    We offer Junior Medical Staff opportunities to work alongside world renowned specialists on complex and challenging paediatric cases.

    If you are looking to develop your skills  in paediatrics through experiencing patient complexity, volume and variety in a supportive and supervised environment, then the Royal Children's Hospital can offer you an extraordinary opportunity.  You will be joining a Centre of Excellence and benefit from the wide range of cases that it handles.

    Your role in our future...

    We encourage Junior Medical Staff to consider joining the Royal Children's Hospital and help make the Hospital meet its vision to be a great children's hospital.

    Please see the Junior Medical Staff page for further information:

    Education & Support

    The Royal Children's Hospital is committed to providing a supportive environment for all its Junior Medical Staff as we recognise how important these formative years are in your post graduate medical education and ongoing career development.

    We are privileged to have dedicated & passionate Senior Medical Staff who are known for their commitment to training and supporting junior doctors. Providing a supportive learning environment for Junior Medical Staff is essential  if we are to achieve our vision to be a great children's hospital.

    The Royal Children's Hospital is unique in establishing a Chief Resident Medical Officer (CRMO) role whose responsibility it is to advocate for all Junior Medical Staff. 

    The CRMO is supported by a dedicated team of like-minded junior medical staff who share a passion for supporting & mentoring junior doctors throughout their postgraduate training.

    A dedicated team of Senior Medical Staff in key training leadership roles are available to assist you in your career development.  Our Registrars are knowledgeable and experienced in paediatrics, and are available to ensure that you receive the best training experience possible.

    Our Medical Workforce Unit (MWU) is available to advise you on our flexible employment opportunities (part time/job sharing), and where possible, cater for these needs through our rotation and rostering practices.  Our MWU staff also provide advice on all medical workforce recruitment/employment matters.


    As a Junior Medical Staff member you will be working in an environment that encourages and supports ongoing research. The Royal Children's Hospital is fully committed to research as evidenced by the campus partnership with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) .

    Our vision is to be a great children's hospital - join us and become part of this vision!