Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries (ccTGA)

  • In this complex malformation the ventricles are on the opposite side of the heart to the usual. The atriums are connected to the incorrect ventricles and the great arteries also come from the wrong ventricles (Transposition). Despite these problems, blood from the lungs passes to the aorta, so the child is not blue. If a VSD is present (as in the left illustration) this allows excessive blood flow and pressure in the lung circulation. Other heart defects are commonly present (eg valve abnormalities, coarctation, pulmonary stenosis). Symptoms vary from minor or none to very severe - mainly increasing breathlessness and failure to gain weight in the early weeks of life.

    The abnormal arrangement of the ventricles cannot be corrected, but many of the associated problems, which are usually the cause of symptoms, can be repaired.