Fallots Tetralogy

  • The combination of a VSD with Pulmonary Stenosis, with the Aorta "Overriding" (sitting 'astride') the VSD and with RV Hypertrophy is termed "Tetralogy of Fallot". The obstruction to flow into the lungs leads to blood being diverted through the VSD to the aorta. Flow in the lung circulation is reduced and the child appears 'Blue' (Cyanosed).


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    Some affected patients, who are severely blue, need a temporary operation (called a shunt operation), which is carried out in infancy to increase lung blood flow and improve cyanosis. This involves insertion of a tiny piece of artificial tube (made from Goretex) between the Aorta, or a branch (usually one of the arm arteries), and one of the branch Pulmonary Arteries. Corrective surgery is usually performed at about six months. Correction involves closure of the VSD with a patch and enlargement of the narrow area of the right ventricle and pulmonary artery (pulmonary stenosis), often requiring a further patch. (Complete repair).


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