The Australian Temperament Project - Adolescent and Young Adult Follow-up

  • The Australian Temperament Project is one of Australia's most significant longitudinal research undertakings, involving 2443 participants over a 23-year period. The project began in 1983 when a birth cohort was recruited through mothers attending infant welfare centres across Victoria. Surveys focussing on child temperament, behaviour problems and a range of other social factors have been mailed out every 2 years, which has allowed the project to follow the progress and development of participants from just after birth to their current age in early adulthood. Observations have been obtained from parents, health professionals, teachers, and from late childhood the children themselves.

    The information collected is being used to guide a range of projects including the examination of patterns of substance use, antisocial behaviour and depression and their predictors. Information collected will ultimately help in identifying ways in which children and families can best be supported by fostering each child's optimal development. 

    The project is currently based at the Australian Institute of Family Studies. The Centre for Adolescent Health is assisting with the strategic management, data analysis and reporting. The current aim is to continue and extend the follow-up and produce a number of reports analysing findings of the Australian Temperament Project (ATP) related to areas such as positive young adult development.

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     Contact person:

    Craig Olsson
    Ph: +61 3 9345 6250

     Staff working on project:

    Ass. Prof. John W. Toumbourou
    Dr Craig Olsson

     Project Start Date:January, 1983
     Estimate Completion Date:On going