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  • All hazads and incidents involving medical equipmentshould be recorded within VHIMS (Incident Management System) by the manager or the reporting staff member. Please ensure that the equipment's identifying Biomedical Engineering 'BE' barcode number is entered in the incident report.  VHIMS is located under the 'Clinical' tab, under 'Quicklinks' on the RCH homepage

    If you experience or become aware of any hazard or safety issue relating to the operation or use of medical, laboratory or audiovisual equipment please notify Biomedical Engineering as soon as possible by completing a Biomedical Engineering service request.

    If a hazardous item of medical equipment is discovered, remove the item from service and send to Biomedical Engineering. If this is not possible notify Biomedical Engineering and securely attach a yellow `Warning` tag to the hazardous equipment.

    From time to time Biomedical Engineering may issue Hazard Alerts to advise all staff of a serious equipment problem.

    Hazard Alerts may also be issued by manufacturers, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or from Biomedical Engineering global support services such as FDA and ECRI. Biomedical Engineering regularly monitors these sources of information and will initiate the appropriate action.