Education and Training


    The RCH Blood Management Committee is supported by a specialised team consisting of Haematologists, Transfusion Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNC) and Blood bank Scientists.

    This team provides education and training throughout RCH. This can be via face-to-face sessions, orientation workbook information and competencies or external eLearning.

    Education is available focusing on all aspects of blood product transfusion. This includes:

    • Preparing for the transfusion
      • Transfusion consent, checking for previous transfusion history, sample collection, crossmatching/group and hold process, prescription, requesting blood products from blood bank and transporting blood products
    •  Administration of blood products
      • Transfusion equipment, bedside patient and blood product identification process, programming IV devices for transfusion, duration of transfusion, observations, fluid balance recording, compatible fluids and medications
    • Transfusion reactions and incidents
      • Recognising, reacting, reporting and documenting transfusion reactions and incidents

    To book blood product transfusion education contact the Transfusion CNC on 9345 5281 or page #6562.

    The RCH Blood Management Committee supports and promotes BloodSafe eLearning. This program has been federally funded and provides a suit of transfusion courses. Each course completed earns CPD points.

    Current courses available are:

    • Clinical transfusion practice
    • Collecting blood specimens
    • Transporting blood products
    • Patient blood management
    • Critical bleeding
    • Perioperative
    • Iron deficiency anaemia (also including an app)
    • Post partum haemorrhage
    • Neonates and Paediatrics

    When logging in remember to indicate you work at RCH so we can track local course completion.