• 15th Conference

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    The cases we carry: navigating ethical complexity in paediatrics

    Navigating the complexities of paediatric clinical practice can sometimes leave us with moral residue. In some cases, the appropriate course of action is unclear, clinical advice doesn't align with the wishes of parents or the child, or we are constrained from providing optimal care.

    Some cases can continue to haunt us long after the patient has left our care. They can leave us feeling uncertain and unsettled; did we promote the wellbeing of the child and act in their best overall interests? Did we do the right thing? Could we have done things differently, or done more?

    The 15th National Paediatric Bioethics Conference aims to explore and unpack some of the features of the cases that we carry and identify why it is that we carry them. In reflecting on and debating the ethical dimensions of these cases, we aim to deepen our understanding of the ethical issues in paediatric care and sharpen our ethical thinking in future cases.

    Join us in-person at the Royal Children's Hospital, 4-6 September 2024, as we consider dilemmas such as:

    - Is it ever acceptable to withdraw or limit medical interventions for a child against the wishes of a family?

    - Should tests and treatment deemed medically unnecessary be provided on the insistence of a parent?

    - Is it ever ok to lie to a child about their medical condition or prognosis?

    - How do we balance the best interests of the dying child with the needs of the family?


    Georgina Morely 3

    International Keynote Speaker: Dr Georgina Morley, Center for Bioethics & Stanley S. Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA.

    Georgina Morley, PhD, MSc, RN, HEC-C is Nurse Ethicist and Director of the Nursing Ethics Program at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA. As Director of the Nursing Ethics Program, Dr. Morley leads nursing ethics education and moral distress support programming across the Cleveland Clinic healthcare system. Georgina is an internationally recognized expert on moral distress and nursing ethics, is an empirical researcher and ethics consultant (> 400 ethics consults). In addition to serving on the clinical ethics consultation service, Georgina also provides embedded ethics support to the Heart Failure Section and is part of the Advanced Heart Failure Therapeutics Committee. 

    Georgina received a BA in Philosophy from King’s College London and went on to train as a nurse, receiving a Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Nursing in 2012 and a Masters of Science in Nursing from King’s College London in 2014.  Georgina then completed her doctoral studies at the University of Bristol, Centre for Ethics in Medicine exploring moral distress as experienced by critical care nurses in the United Kingdom. Georgina’s PhD was a feminist empirical bioethics project entitled, “What is ‘moral distress’ in nursing and how should we respond to it?” and was funded by a prestigious Wellcome Trust Society and Ethics Fellowship for Healthcare Professionals. Georgina has clinical experience in major trauma and cardiac intensive care. 

    Ian Kerridge 3

    National Keynote Speaker: Professor Ian Kerridge, Staff Haematologist/Bone Marrow Transplant physician, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. Professor of Bioethics and Medicine at Sydney Health Ethics (SHE) at the University of Sydney.

    Ian Kerridge is Staff Haematologist/Bone Marrow Transplant physician at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney and Professor of Bioethics and Medicine at Sydney Health Ethics (SHE) at the University of Sydney. He is Chair of the South East Sydney LHD Clinical Ethics Committee, Steering Committee member of the Australian Ethical Health Alliance (AEHA), a Council Member of the Australian and New Zealand Transplant and Cellular Therapies Association (ANZTCT), a member of the NSW Health Ethics Advisory Panel and a Director of Praxis Australia – an Australian NFP devoted to education in research and research ethics. He established the Clinical Unit in Ethics and Health Law at the University of Newcastle in 1995 and was its inaugural Director until 2001 and from 2003-2015 he was Director of SHE. Ian trained in medicine at the University of Newcastle, BMT at the Royal Free Hospital in London and philosophy at the Universities of Sydney, Newcastle and Cambridge. He is the author of 6 textbooks of ethics and over 500 papers on ethics, philosophy, haematology and BMT. His research, which draws together philosophical inquiry and empirical bioethics, focuses on the philosophical, moral and socio-cultural concepts, frameworks and issues that underpin health, health policy, research and biomedicine.His current research in ethics include the impact of commerce on health care, biotechnology and science, prescription drug policy, assistance in dying and end-of-life care, the philosophy and ethics of science, over-diagnosis, conflict-of-interest and organ donation and transplantation.

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