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11th National Paediatric Bioethics Conference 2019

  • Respecting different perspectives 

    September 4-6, 2019

    Respect is a fundamental ethical principle – it seems that hardly needs to be stated. But sometimes it is not easy to work out how to respect others, especially when there are differences in views and values, culture and religion, background experiences and expectations. These challenges can arise in interactions between families, within treating teams and beyond.

    What does respect mean in the many different relationships we have? Are there any limits?

    Key areas of interest for this conference include the ethics of:

    • respecting families’ cultural and religious beliefs and practices - going too far or not going far enough?  Are there any limits?
    • balancing respect for families with staff safety and well-being
    • witnessing parenting practices in the hospital - respect for parents as parents, but what if ….
    • respecting a child – what does this mean in theory and in practice?
    • respectful disagreements between clinicians – is it possible? What would it look like?
    • accommodating difference of opinion- respect, compromise, caving-in….?
    • is conflict always bad? Can respect and conflict co-exist?
    • how well do our systems respect diversity?

    Registration options

    1. The RCH, MCRI, The University of Melbourne

    Employees and students free.

    When registering, please enter your staff ID number or affiliation i.e. CEC member, friend of the CBC, RCH honorary etc. You will be expected to show your ID at the door and wear your ID lanyard during the conference.

    Important: please use your work email address when registering for verification (no private email addresses).

    2. General conference registration

    3 days including:

    • day 1, Wednesday September 4, afternoon tea and welcome drinks 
    • day 2, Thursday September 5, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea 
    • day 3, Friday September, morning tea and lunch.

    Price: $500 + GST + booking fee = $578.59.

    3. One day registration

    1 full day.

    Please nominate which day you would like to attend e.g. day 2, Thursday September 5 or day 3, Friday September 6.

    Please note the following catering:

    • day 1, Thursday September 5, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea or;
    • day 2, Friday September 6, morning tea and lunch.

    Price: $200 + GST + booking fee = $232.09.

    4. Half day registration

    Please nominate:

    1. which day and;
    2. morning or afternoon session you would like to attend.

    For example: day 2, Thursday September 5 / afternoon session.

    Please note the following catering for half days:

    • day 1, Wednesday September 4, afternoon tea only 
    • day 2, Thursday September 5, morning tea or afternoon tea 
    • day 3, Friday September 6, morning tea only

    Price: $100 +GST + booking fee = $116.59.

    5. External university students

    3 days.

    External university students are able to attend the full conference for the price of one day. This ticket includes morning, afternoon teas and lunch. Student identification and evidence will be required at the registration desk.

    Please use your student university email address when registering (no private email addresses will be accepted).

    Price: $200 + GST + booking fee = $232.09.

    Please check the ticket description on Eventbrite. All above registration options offer great value.

    For further general enquiries, please contact Karen Fellows

    International keynote speaker

    Professor Rabbi Abraham Steinberg

    Grand Rounds keynote address Wednesday September 4 2019 12.30-1.30pm  'Negotiating diverse cultural and religious differences in a paediatric hospital'

    Abraham Steinberg

    Professor Rabbi Avraham Steinberg is a Paediatric Neurologist who has worked at Shaare Zedek Medical Centre and Bikkur Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem.  He established the Medical Ethics Center of the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, and served as its Director.

    Professor Steinberg is the Co-Chairman of the Israeli National Council on Bioethics. He is leading authority on Jewish medical ethics, and author of the Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics.

    Steinberg has chaired several national committees on bioethical issues, including the Israeli National Committee for evaluation of living organ donors, the National Advisory Committee to the Minister of Health for enacting a law concerning the terminally-ill, the National Ethics Committee in accordance with the Dying Patient Act – 2005, the National Advisory Committee for amendments of the Anatomy and Pathology Act, and the National Forum concerning organ donations in Israel. He has also served as member in a variety of national and public committees.