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    A.    At times, a child’s social or behaviour difficulties can be related to a problem with vision or hearing. It is useful to have these checked if they have not been tested lately.

    B.    Please ask your GP for a referral or advice about your local clinic for these assessments. You can also use to find an optometrist. Please also see the RCH audiology webpage.

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

    A.    Australia’s national disability funding support scheme is currently supporting individuals with ASD and their families to access the services they need.

    B.    Please see



    NDIS - Early Childhood, Early Intervention (ECEI)

    A.    Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) is important to help children with multiple areas of developmental difficulty, when they are young. Your child does not need a diagnostic assessment to access early intervention.

    B.    If your child has difficulties in more than one area of development, they may be eligible for ECEI under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Please see: to contact your local service provider and enquire or start this process. There can be long waits, so don’t wait!



    A.    If your child is experiencing medical, developmental or behavioural difficulties, a local paediatrician may be a key professional in your child’s care team. They have expertise in child health and wellbeing which is likely to be beneficial to you and your child.

    B.    Please ask your GP for a referral to your local paediatrician. This is ideally someone public or private practising near home, with developmental expertise. Alternatively, please see:




    A.    Children with communication difficulties can access speech pathology services in the community to help. Language support is best if it is provided early in your child’s life.

    B.    Please ask your GP for a referral via the Chronic Disease Management Plan where this is appropriate. Alternatively this can be accessed through ECEI. Please see:

    Occupational Therapist (OT)



    A.    Children with behavioural, regulation, self-care, movement or play difficulties may benefit from OT and/or psychology services.

    B.    Please ask your GP for a referral, via the Chronic Disease Management Plan where this is appropriate. Alternatively these can be accessed through NDIS/ECEI. Please see: or

    Family care

    A.    You and your family are your child’s best support. That means you need to take care of yourselves, and your mental health too!

    B.    Please talk to your GP about any support you and your family may need. Please see for more details.

    If you or your family requires more urgent support services, please contact your primary health professional immediately, and consider contacting your local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Details can be found at: