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Autism assessment ages 6 and over

  • Please see the Autism Assessment 0-6 Years Page for general information about autism assessments in Victoria.

    While many children are diagnosed with autism spectrum in their early years, it is not uncommon for children to first present with autism concerns after they have started school. Some may have already accessed care providers for specific needs prior to this. For others, this will be the first time there is an attempt to access assessment or intervention services.

    If not already accessed, all school-age children with social and behavioural concerns should be supported by a local paediatrician. Please see:

    After a paediatrician confirms the need for further autism assessment, they may refer to a local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Multidisciplinary Assessment Team. Each team has slightly different requirements regarding prior assessment, so please contact them directly. Please see:

    Other services may also be appropriate for a school age-child with autism related concerns:

    • private medical and allied health practitioners (see links page)
    • community health providers
    • education-based staff such as psychologists, counsellors, special needs coordinators, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists
    • hospital-based clinicians such as paediatricians
    • the National Disability Insurance Scheme

    Please see our links page for more information about accessing these practitioners and services.