Autism assessment ages 0-6

  • What is an autism assessment?

    Assessment for an autism spectrum disorder is a multidisciplinary process and may include any of the following professionals:

    • Paediatrician
    • Psychologist
    • Speech Pathologist
    • Occupational Therapist

    For more information on best practice autism assessment please refer to the AMAZE website:

    What are the assessment options within RCH?

    Specialist autism assessment team

    Developmental Medicine: multidisciplinary team assessment

    • This is a specialist team for children with multiple sensory and/or complex developmental needs. Assessment is completed by a specialist developmental paediatrician, speech pathologist and psychologist.  

      Autism Multi Disciplinary Assessment Clinic (AMDAC)

      • This clinic is now accepting referrals.
        • Referral from GP with query related to ASD or concerns in the area of communication, social and behaviour problems
        • Referrals will also be accepted from Paediatricians who require allied health input to further investigate an Autism diagnosis.
      • Age: 2 - prior to school entry
      • This clinic provides services to children living in the North West region of Melbourne.
      • Clinic operates using the Medicare item numbers for Autism assessment.
      • Please see our  intake criterion.
      • The intake coordinator, will allocate referrals. Please indicate if you think a particular pathway is most appropriate for a child and your rationale. Where possible, children should access autism assessment through local services unless there are additional complexities. Accessing local services helps to ensure that the child is linked in with their local community.


      • Children who are current outpatients at the RCH may be assessed through the Psychology department. Children diagnosed with Autism who only require a cognitive assessment to complete the process should be directed to other resources.

      Speech Pathology

      • Speech Pathology assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) generally needs to be completed externally. Access to allied health assessment for ASD in speech pathology at the RCH generally occurs only if the child has a complex history and significant involvement with other RCH services. Please contact the Speech Pathology Department directly to discuss individual referrals. Telephone (03) 9345 9300 email
      • Paediatrician only appointment. Allied Health then needs to be sought externally.


      Public Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Teams in Victoria.  These teams are divided geographically into service specific regions of Victoria. Referral must be made by a paediatrician.  Each team has slightly different requirements regarding prior assessment, so please contact them directly. 

      For more information on best practice autism assessment please refer to the AMAZE website:


      Unfortunately, there are generally long waits for Public Services in many regions of Victoria. If the family accessing private services, there are a number of Medicare funding options available to them:

      Private services may be access through the following link:

      Looking for Private Practitioners for a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

      For further information about obtaining an assessment privately and a list of professionals who undertake this work please access the Speech Pathology Australia and Australian Psychological Society website (below.)

      Please discuss this with your local GP who can refer you to an appropriate Paediatrician.

      AMAZE also has a list of specialists who specialise in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Please contact them directly for further information.