Opioid infusion practical education session

  • Opioid infusion

    Review the objectives below with your Pain Link Nurse, Clinical Facilitator or Preceptor
     1. Able to set up the infusion pump to deliver opioid infusion 1. Identifies main features of infusion pumps used for opioid infusions.
    2. Selects appropriate syringe/IV giving set, draws up infusion and primes appropriate IV line.
    3. Able to load syringes/IV giving sets into pump, and start infusion.
    4. Ensures the infusion is connected correctly to patient's IV line.
    5. Ensures the IV line and pump are labelled correctly.
    6. Have an awareness of interactions of opioids and other infusions.
    7. Is able to demonstrate safe delivery of opioid boluses for 50ml infusions.
    8. Understands what documentation is required for safe management of opioid infusions and where to document.
    9. Seeks assistance if unsure
     2. Able to identify minor problems with infusion pump 1. Responds to the different types of alarm sounds and can suggest what might cause alarm to sound.
    2. Is able to trouble-shoot simple problems.
    3. Identifies mechanical fault with infusion pumps.
    4. Seeks assistance if unsure

    Updated Aug 2016