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    About us

    We are a multidisciplinary chronic pain management team which meets weekly to assess new patients and to review current patients. An outpatient approach is preferred, with an emphasis on return to school and normal function. Cognitive behavioural approaches are often employed in conjunction with analgesic techniques including acupuncture, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

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    Referrals must be accompanied by a written letter of referral letter from a Medical Practitioner. The letter should include details of the patient's relevant history and investigations. Referrals are accepted from Doctors outside of the Royal Children's Hospital. Referrals should be directed to the Head of Pain Management, Dr George Chalkiadis who can be contacted by telephone (03) 9345 5233 or by mail:

    Department of Anaesthesia & Pain Management
    Royal Children's Hospital
    Flemington Rd
    Parkville, VIC 3052

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    Once a letter of referral has been received, an appointment is sent out to the patient and their family. A new patient referral takes 3 to 5 hours. It involves assessment by our physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, child psychiatrist and a pain medicine specialist. The team then meets to discuss the treatment options and later meets with the patient and their family to inform them of the team's assessment. A letter detailing the team's findings and recommendations are sent to the referrer and to the patient's General Practitioner.

    New patients are assessed on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Assessments commence at 8am. The final meeting with the patient and family is usually concluded by 1pm.

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    The Initial Assessment Visit- What to Expect

    Chronic Pain Multidisciplinary Assessments are performed on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the Specialist Clinic B (located on the 1st floor near the green lifts) (PDF).

    Chronic or persistent pain is a multi-dimensional problem that affects the patient and their family in a variety of ways. This is influenced by the mind-body connection and occurs at various levels including physically and emotionally (such as mood or stress), as well as the ability to function at home, at school or work, and socially.

    Our approach to assessment involves looking at your pain from all these perspectives. Therefore, in the multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Outpatient Clinic assessment you will see several specialists over 3-5 hours. They will either see you in a sequence of interviews or with all the specialists in one room together. You will also be asked to fill out a few questionnaires which will take between 20 and 30 minutes. These will either be mailed to you beforehand, or you will have time to do them at the beginning or towards the end of your session with us. You or your parents will be given a consent form to sign, to give us permission to communicate with your referring doctor, your treating specialist, and your school and/or work.

    More information can be found in Children's Pain Management Clinic: Information for families.

    Useful Links: - a five minute cartoon style explanation about persistent pain (Produced by the Hunter Integrated Pain Services, NSW)



    Pain Specialists:

    • Dr George Chalkiadis (Head)
    • Dr Greta Palmer (Deputy Head and Supervisor of Training) 


    • Mark Bradford
    • Blaise Doran 

    Occupational Therapist:

    • Cate Sinclair 
    • Rebecca Cornwall

    Clinical Psychiatrists:

    • Dr Roger Foot

    Clinical Psychologists


    • Dr Tanya Gruenewald
    • Dr Emily Incledon


    Clinic Coordinator

    •  Maria Dikeakos