Facts and figures

  • Number of anaesthetics delivered per year at RCH

    The total number of anaesthetics delivered has not changed greatly over the last eight year period, usually running at between 17,500 and 18,000 service administrations per annum. There is however increasing reliance upon Anaesthesia for children requiring venous access (both short term peripheral and long term central venous access), medical imaging services and other procedures not traditionally requiring anaesthesia, or performed in theatre.

    performance 2010


    Anaesthesia provided for individual departments in 2009-10. Total number of anaesthetics delivered = 17,926



    Acute Pain Service

    The Children's Pain Management Service (CPMS) review all children in the hospital with intravenous analgesic (including PCA) requirements, and those with post operative regional anaesthetic infusions, on a twice daily basis. The average number of contacts made per patient for 2009 was 3.9 visits, making a total of just over 8,300 acute pain consultations in 2009

    patient_numbers 2010