Wadja health clinic

  • A general medical outpatient clinic for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

    Wadja health clinic is a weekly general medical clinic for Aboriginal children which provides medical, social, cultural and emotional assessment.

    The focus of the clinic is on the management of Aboriginal patients with complex health and social issues by a team. A paediatrician will see the child and family together with an Aboriginal Case Manager with the aim of enabling a family to feel supported and culturally empowered.

    An Aboriginal family health worker will also be available during clinic hours for further support if required by the family.

    Referrals to the clinic can be made by GPs who have assessed that a child requires specialist medical care.

    Clinic details




    11:00AM - 5:00PM


    Specialist Clinic A2, ground floor outpatients department, off main street

    Referral information

    Please call (03) 8341 6894 and ask to speak to our staff.

    Referrals can be made by faxing a referral to:

    Wadja Aboriginal Family Place
    The Royal Children's Hospital
    50 Flemington Road
    Parkville Victoria 3052

    Referrals facsimile (03) 9345 5034