Sharing advance care planning documentation

  • My Health Record

    The most accessible place to store advance care plans is the My Health Record, available at However, until all health services are utilising My Health Record, copies of advance care plans should be kept by parents and also stored within individual health service provider records.


    Parents should be encouraged to carry a copy of the advance care plan so they can facilitate sharing it with health professionals when required. Some will find the document confronting and in these circumstances putting it in an envelope can help.

    A parent who really does not want to carry a copy of the advance care plan should not be forced to do so.

    If a parent does not wish to carry or distribute their child’s advance care plan themselves, permission should be sought from the parent to allow the health professional to share the advance care plan with other services and facilities.

    Ambulance  Victoria

    The Ambulance Victoria database stores patient details by address and not by name. An address is known as a Location of Interest and can be used to alert Ambulance Victoria about important patient information and helps them prepare appropriately for that patient. This facility can be used for patients who have an advance care plan in place.

    To request a Location of Interest, email with the child’s name, address, date of birth, contact details for the treating medical team and a copy of the advance care plan.

    The child’s hospital medical record

    The advance care plan must be easily accessible, with a system alerting health professionals to its existence, so it is available regardless of where in the health service the child presents.

    Other key health professionals and care services involved in the child’s care

    The advance care plan needs to be available to anyone involved in the child’s care. Examples include other specialist paediatricians, the local paediatrician, local hospital, respite facilities, hospices, general practitioners, community palliative care service, and home services.

    Other facilities involved in the care of the child

    Examples include, schools, sporting and recreation clubs and other services providing care to children.