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Chronic Illness Peer Support - ChIPS

  • The Chronic Illness Peer Support program, or ChIPS, is for adolescents and young adults with significant chronic illnesses, both common and not so common (think diabetes and methylmalonic academia). ChIPS provides structured activities for participants to learn from each other, broaden their experiences and gain skills via:

    • Groups
    • Socials
    • Camps
    • Leadership

    ChIPS has been running for many years, has been positively evaluated, and at the moment is 100% philanthropically funded via the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

    Any health care professional directly involved with an adolescent’s or young adult’s care can make a referral to ChIPS via the usual RCH referral system.

    ChIPS programme staff can be contacted on:

    ChIPS Programme Manager: Meagan Hunt 03 9345 6616 or

    ChIPS Facilitator: Harry Brown 03 9345   6616 or

    ChIPS Facilitator: Bec Powers 03 9345  6616  or

    For details on referrals, activities, donations and news about ChIPS have a look at the website.