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Academic Child Psychiatry Unit

Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program

  • The Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program (DNP) is a new clinical program operating within The Royal Children's Hospital, Integrated Mental Health Program (RCH IMHP).  This program was developed in association with the Academic Child Psychiatry Unit (ACPU) and the CASEA program. Please click on the following link for further information about the DNP.

    Role of the DNP

    The DNP is the main vehicle driving the IMHP becoming a world class modern mental health service that is based on the mutual inter-dependence of research, teaching and clinical service delivery through translational clinical science.  The DNP (1) manages diagnostically difficult cases and treatment non-responsive cases and (2) is developing a modern comprehensive biopsychosocial child mental health approach that can increase IMHP throughput, enhance patient care and patient satisfaction.  It comprises a community arm, headed up by the senior clinical psychologist and program manager, Jo Winther and a hospital arm, headed up by the experienced clinical consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, Chidambaram Prakash.  Alasdair Vance, the academic head of child and adolescent psychiatry on campus, provides overall clinical, research and training leadership. Currently, a senior psychiatric trainee, an experienced clinical psychologist, and an experienced administrative assistant form the core workforce of the DNP.

    Ongoing Development of the DNP

    This program exists to implement world's best practice standardised assessment, formulation, treatment and rigorous monitoring of clinical outcomes - behaviourally, cognitively and socially for the most difficult cases - diagnostically and with respect to psychosocial and medication treatment response.  To achieve these aims existing strong international links with the Institute of Psychiatry (UK), NYU Child Study Center (USA), Shanghai Mental Health Centre (PR China), Interventional Psychopharmacology Unit (Great Ormond Street) (UK) and St Andrew's University, Dundee (UK) have been strengthened.

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