Teaching as you go

  • Teaching as you go

    An introductory short course for RCH Registrars held by the Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne.The program will be run over one weekday evening and one weekend day and includes group activities, experiential learning and some pre-reading.

    Ideal for:  All RCH Junior Medical staff of registrar level or above, looking to build on their clinical teaching skills. No pre-existing teaching expertise or experience is required. This course will prepare participants for further professional development in clinical education and teaching, should they be interested.

    Dates for 2019

    - 13 March and 17 March
    - 13 June and 16 June
    - 23 Oct and 27 Oct

    First date of each workshop will be​ will be 5:45 to 8:30pm
    Second date 9:00am to 1.30pm

    Teaching as you Go Outline of sessions
    Workshop 1 (evening- 2hours)
    Introduction to structure in teaching
    Understanding the learner
    Tools for on the job teaching
    -  Questioning
    -  1 min preceptor
    -  active observation
    Intro to teaching a skill ( homework for WS 2)
    Workshop 2 ( 5 hours with lunch)
    Teaching a skill practical exercise ( 1.5 hours): depending on group size 2-3 facilitators required
    Effective Feedback discussion and video critique (1 hour)
    -  Feedback roleplays ( 1.5 hours)
    MD overview and teaching opportunities (15 mins)
    Summary and evaluation

    For further information or to register your interest please email Dr Wonie Uahwatanasakul  wonie.uahwatanasakul@rch.org.au