Debriefing Sessions

  • Debriefing Sessions

    Clinical Supervision - Registrars and Fellows 

    Effective clinical supervision can bring benefits not only to practitioners but also to the organisation and its clients when it fulfils the aim of improving and developing clinical practice. (Bond and Holland 2010)

    What is Clinical Supervision? (either in a group or individually)

    It is the provision of

    • Support and guidance
    • Reflections on practice, examining issues and complexities
    • When appropriate feedback (on any matters related to work/organisationally)
    • Educational development in the context of child and family practice

    Facilitator: Sarah Jones worked at the hospital for 15 years in the mental health service, and now remains engaged in an independent capacity in staff training, clinical supervision consultations and staff wellbeing.


    • Clinical supervision sessions are created to be flexible enough in order to provide a space for exploring and reflection on practice.
    • When a group specifically requests a Debriefing session – these related to specific critical incidents/accumulation. These sessions are structured so that there is enough time for articulating the sequence of events and most importantly the impact on staff. Debriefing sessions aim for to collect the people most affected and thus will be seen as “closed sessions” whereby the group, Sarah Jones and Clare Polley work together in confidential exploration and potential learnings.
    • RCH sessions are offered in an safe environment and structured format, in order to promote reflecting and examining practice.

    Come and be involved in these sessions

    Details:   Please register your interest with an email to Clare Polley just turn up on the day.

    Date:       Registrars and Fellows:      Friday 14th of June 2019

                                                                Friday 19th of July 2019

                                                                Friday 9th of August 2019

    Time:      12.00-1.00pm

    Where:    Level 1 West, HELP, Room 1.032

    Queries: Clare Polley, MEO and Education Lead ext. 55268

    Here are some useful resources to explain Debriefing
    What is Medical Debriefing?
    Interventions Following a Critical Incident: Developing a Critical Incident Stress Management Team