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    Debriefing Sessions (2019)

    Medical Education in collaboration with the Deputy CRMO of Mentoring and the Wellbeing Committee would like to offer a pilot debriefing programme for RCH Registrars and Fellows.

    Theme: “Exploring personal experiences of dealing with difficult situations”

    Aim: Exploring previous experiences and how they influence/affect current situations.

    We know that conducting emotionally demanding talks with patients and family members is part of all good medicine.

    We also know, that for many clinicians, when these are required, they feel uncertain, may avoid them, yet also they might often underestimate their own skills and the effects it may have on them as an individual.

    Facilitator: Sarah Jones worked at the hospital for 15 years in the mental health service, and remains engaged in a private capacity in staff training, clinical supervision consultations and staff wellbeing.

    Format: This is a pilot so we will be fluid in the approach to maximise the experience for all.

    These will be closed sessions whereby the group, Sarah Jones and Clare Polley will be the only one in the room to ensure confidentiality. RCH mentoring sessions are run in this format to ensure a safe environment to allow open conversations to occur.

    Testimonial: "It was great to have an independent expert run the session, which was aimed at helping us directly as fellows manage our specific workplace issues in a confidential and supportive environment.  This is a gap that needs to be filled, and was the first time I felt that the focus was us, rather than the patient - of course patients are always at the heart of our work, but sometimes we need help ourselves too."

    Event  Details:
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    Registrars / Fellows – 5th March 2019 - Postponing

    Time: 5.30-7.00pm

    Location: Level 1 West, HELP, Room 1.053

    Queries: Clare Polley, MEO and Mentoring Coordinator ext. 55268

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