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STEP to Research

  • step to research

    Education update in response to COVID-19

    Due to the current climate, this face to face workshop will be suspended until further notice (updated March 2020).

    The senior trainee education program (STEP) provides training in professional education for all RCH senior trainees. It is based on the Can MEDS framework which outlines the professional skills required to be a clinically competent doctor. This framework has been adopted by most of the colleges in their curricula.

    This program is designed to assist you with your college project or just provide some tips in research project design. Key learning outcomes:

    • Understand different types of research - quantitative and qualitative
    • Critique good research projects
    • Analyse and construct a good research question
    • Understand good data management systems and protocols of good clinical practice
    • Link up with good supervisors and understand roles and responsibilities
    • Learn tips and strategies in managing a research project 

    Click here to preview the STEP to Research dates and access resources (if applicable) including Podcasts and presentations.