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    Education update in response to COVID-19

    Due to the current climate, this face to face workshop will be suspended until further notice (updated March 2020). 

    The Royal Children’s Hospital is a community with exemplary practice, spearheaded by the Consultants - a group of people bound together by their shared expertise, commitment and passion.

    The University Of Melbourne Department Of Paediatrics, Bioethics, Medical Education and MSA, have collaborated to produce a Masterclass Series designed especially for Consultants.

    The Masterclass Series is a program of expert speakers from outside of the traditional Medical field who present different ways of thinking, on a range of leadership, cultural, ethics, social and philosophical topics.

    Click here to preview the Masterclass series and access resources (if applicable) including Podcasts and presentations.


    In 2017 Waleed Ali and Scott Stephens from the ABC National Radio Program “Minefield” came to facilitate a session with academic Ethicist Professor Rufus Black on the topic “Emerging therapies – How do we (health care professionals & public hospitals) manage the increasing demand for expensive therapies for rare conditions?”.

    The Masterclass with the RCH consultants took place along with a recording for the Minefield show and podcast. It was an excellent session and stimulated great debate.

    Waleed Ali

    As Scott Stephens reflected: "I cannot tell you what a joy and delight it was to be with you all this morning. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the experience of having a surgeon, then a palliative care specialist, then a geneticist weigh in so brilliantly, so articulately, with such insight and sensitivity, on such serious issues. The people gathered in that room, their dedication and professional integrity are a tremendous testament to the institutional ethos that you’ve cultivated. Without exaggeration, that was the highlight of my year! I’m so very, very grateful to you for the invitation."

     Please click on the button below if you would like to hear the recorded part of the session.

    The Minefield