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Basic Life Support

  • The aim of this training is to provide an opportunity for staff to develop BLS knowledge and skills for performing basic life support for infants ( <1 year), young children (1-8 years), older children (9-14 years) and adults following the DRS ABC algorithm until help arrives.

    Basic life support and simulation training for Medical, Nursing and Allied Health ensures everyone has the knowledge, skills and teamwork to manage a deteriorating patient. The training sessions are inter-professional where all staff are welcome to attend from any discipline. 

    What is The First 3 Minutes?

    “We resuscitate as a team, we should train as a team”

    The ‘First 3 Minutes’ program provides inter-professional resuscitation training for health professionals at the Royal Children's Hospital. This program enables participants to refresh their knowledge of Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines, practice their Basic Life Support skills and train together as a team to respond effectively to a collapsed and unresponsive patient. 

    Please view video of the ‘dream run’ First 3 minutes.

    Where possible the training is delivered in your clinical environment, with your team, using your equipment.

    Why 3 minutes?

    The time frame of 3 minutes is based on data that it takes up to 3 minutes for the Medical Emergency Team (MET) to respond to a call for help.  We want everyone to feel confident and have the skills to optimally care for their patient until the MET team arrive.

    How is the First 3 minutes run?

    The program has 2 components:

    Skills station (approx. 20 minutes for groups of 4-6)

    • review ARC/ APLS Basic Life Support Guidelines.
    • review bag-valve mask ventilation  (infant and child) and ensure competency.
    • review cardiac compression technique (infant and child)  and ensure competency.

    Short team simulation (approx. 40 minutes for groups of 4-6). 

    • The team get to put into practice the above skills whilst managing a ‘collapsed and unresponsive’ patient appropriate to the clinical setting. 
    • A trained facilitator will work with the team to consider the teamwork factors that are important to running an effective resuscitation.

    When and where?

    The First 3 minutes training is run by the RCH Resuscitation Educator, Jenny Hough, with the RCH Simulation team. Please email Jenny Hough or call extension 54951.