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Advance Trainee Mentoring

  • fellow mentoring

    Fellow Mentoring

    The Fellow Mentoring program aims to provide collegiate discussions and support among peers, and create awareness of the need for mentoring avenues for both professional and personal support. 

    Click here to preview the Fellow Mentoring program and access resources (if applicable) including Podcasts and presentations.

    To register your interest to Fellow Mentoring, please contact Clare Polley Medical Education Officer  on or email  

    Advanced Training Mentoring

    Medical Education in collaboration with the 2018 Deputy CRMO of Mentoring and Mentoring Fellows of General medicine would like to offer a new program: Mentoring for Advanced trainees, devised from your feedback.

    Aim: To produce a program that will allow open and honest conversations about topics you the Advanced Trainee would like to discuss with Junior and Senior Consultants

    Format: General Session outline 1. We start with a quick question of how things have been going and if there is anything anyone wants to raise in the group to discuss that has come up. 2. We move to the topic of the day and ask you the participants to raise any issues / examples you wish to talk about regarding the topic of the session. Clare would have emailed you earlier to remind you of this and then individual mentees talk through their issues. 3. The facilitator Amy or Clare will get you to unpack this using a Kolb like approach.

    Time: Thursday lunchtime (monthly)

    Click here to access the Advanced Training Mentoring Program via Learning HERO