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Medical Students

  • STIC: a framework for students learning on the ward round

    STIC is a framework for teaching on ward rounds which is used in some areas of the hospital. While it is a useful teaching tool it can also be used to guide your own learning. STIC is NOT a checklist. It is a framework. It can help you decide what to focus on during the round so you can learn something relevant to you. You don’t have to do every part every day, and you may just find one or two areas which you want to focus on. It can help you get something useful from each clinical encounter, even if you have seen the condition before.

    Student STIC online tool

    Tips and tricks for students learning on the wards

    What I learnt as a student on the wards – Julia Barrington

    Medical student electives

    Click here for information about arranging a medical student elective at The Royal Children’s Hospital.