Blood Gas

Test Name
Blood Gas
Test Code
-- See below --
Specimen Type

Balanced pre-packaged heparinised syringe or capillary tube

Arterial-GASA [GASA]

Venous-GASV [GASV]

Capillary-GASC [CAB]

Mixed Venous-GASMV [GASMV]

Minimum Volume
0.2mL (1mL Syringe), 0.8mL (3mL Syringe), 100uL (Capillary tube)

Expel air from syringe or fill capillary tube completely and cap immediately. Label with patient details, date and time of collection.

Following collection, roll syringe between hands to mix heparin into the blood. If a delay of more than 15mins is anticipated, place sample on ice pillow.


Specimens to be tested in the Core Lab - If a delay of up to 15 mins in delivery is anticipated, keep specimen on an ice pillow until specimen reaches the laboratory. All specimens must be accompanied by a request form.

Assay Performed
Biochemistry Department
RCH 9345 4200
RWH 8345 2554
Assay Frequency

Immediately on collection

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