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  • Need to cancel or reschedule your telehealth appointment?

     If it's to your home, and does not include anyone else such as your local doctor:

    • Contact Specialist Clinics                                                                                        
    • Tel (03) 9345 6180 

    If it includes your local doctor:

      RCH telehealth

      For general program queries

      • Telehealth Coordinator
        • Chin-Mae Raymundo
        • Tel (03) 9345 4645 
      • Telehealth Clinical Lead


      • Please send your referral in the usual way to the RCH and clearly write at the start of the referral ?FOR TELEHEALTH?*
      • Fax: (03) 9345 5034 (complete RCH referral template or use your own)  
      • Email:

      Please indicate on the referral which of the following types of consult you propose:

      • Unsupported - with patient only
      • Supported - including yourself (eg GP, practice nurse or local paediatrician)

      Who is eligible for RCH telehealth video-consultation?

      • All referrals for telehealth will be considered, but usually a child would be seen first face-to-face at the RCH.  
      • The child and family should be within the normal RCH catchment area and typically from rural or regional Victoria or interstate.
      • RCH telehealth maintains usual referral patterns - please consider local paediatric services first - a more local service may be more appropriate.

      Patients & families:

      • Please contact us, speak to your local doctor or RCH specialist team if you are interested to have a video-consultation with the RCH.

      *Note - the RCH does not usually consider telehealth for the first appointment.  The most reliable way for telehealth to be considered for a follow-up appointment is for the family to suggest it during the first face-to-face appointment, or to contact the RCH after the first face-to-face appointment.

        Internal (RCH) referrals to telehealth

        • You can request or refer to telehealth using Epic at any point - telehealth is a listed option in the follow up form.
        • Please manually type TELEHEALTH if it is not a listed option.
        • If you wish to include the local doctor (paediatrician or GP), please note their name and ideally also their contact phone number. Note this request will be diverted to your department to coordinate.

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