About telehealth

  • Video-consultation with the Royal Children's Hospital

    The RCH is committed to providing the best possible care to families as close to home as possible. Online video consultations (telehealth) are available for rural, regional or interstate families and patients of the RCH.

    Medicare eligibility

    • Interactive map (type postcode or full address to determine eligibility)   

    Join call

    Outside callers (for example patients, families, GPs, community paediatricians and others.  "How to" guide /  iPads and iPhones)

    Please start your video call 5-10 minutes before your appointment time.  

    This gives you time to check your computer settings beforehand and will place you in the waiting area - the same as arriving at the RCH and sitting in the waiting room.

    Test call (always do a test call as soon as your appointment is booked and then again on the day of your telehealth consultation)

    RCH staff 

    Refer to or request telehealth

    Telehealth video-consultation can be suggested or requested by:

    • The RCH treating team - (via Epic)  
    • The community clinician - on the usual referral form
    • The patient or family - ask your local or RCH clinician or  contact us.
    • See  Refer

    How does it work?

    Telehealth for Families from The Royal Children's Hospital on Vimeo.

    Telehealth is most suited for follow-up or review appointments.  The appointment can be held either at home or with the child's GP, paediatrician or other local healthcare professional. If eligible, consultations are bulk-billed to Medicare.  

    The family will get a letter and/or an email confirming the appointment time.  If your consultation is with your local doctor, they will also be contacted.  At the appointment time  start your consultation via the button on this page. Always do a test call first.  Please read the page Prepare for first consultation.

    You may also get a reminder SMS the day before your appointment.  If this reminder says '...your appointment at the RCH...' this also means by telehealth.  So if you are keeping your telehealth appointment you would reply 'yes'.

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