My RCH Portal

About My RCH Portal

  • Your RCH medical record at your fingertips!

    My RCH Portal connects you with information in the RCH medical record, when and where it suits you.

    You can use My RCH Portal to: 

    • add or update information on your child's medical record about medication they are taking, allergies or other health problems you want to flag with your child's doctor 
    • request, confirm or cancel upcoming hospital appointments
    • see your schedule of upcoming appointments
    • see which medications your child has been prescribed and instructions for taking them
    • see test and imaging results 
    • read some of the notes taken by your doctor in appointments
    • view your child's care plans. 

    Over time, My RCH Portal will grow to offer even more information and features that benefit you and your child. 

    Who can have a My RCH Portal account?

    My RCH Portal is for parents and legal guardians of RCH patients and for RCH patients aged 12 years or older. 

    The table below shows who can sign up, when and what they will see through the portal. If you want to discuss you or your child's access to My RCH Portal, please speak to an RCH clinician.  

    Child's age Level of access
    0-12 years Parents and legal guardians can have a My RCH Portal account for their child.  
    12-15 years A child share's access with their parents or legal guardians. Some information may be restricted for parents or legal guardians.  
    16 years  A child can choose who has access to their My RCH Portal account. Parents and legal guardians need written consent from their child to access the portal.  

    How to sign up

    You need an activation code to sign up to My RCH Portal. Parents and legal guardians cannot use their child’s activation code to access My RCH Portal.

    You also need to provide some identification. 

    Request an activation code

    At your next visit

    From home

    Sign up as a new user

    When you have an activation code:

    Already signed up?

    Log into My RCH Portal from your computer or mobile device

    Need help?

    • Read the FAQs.
    • Contact the My RCH Portal Help Desk on (03) 9345 6277 or email - please note: the Help Desk cannot issue activation codes.
    • Speak with your clinician or desk staff at your next visit.