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Paediatric preparation for transport

  • Preparation for Transport A, B, C, Ds

    A Intubated/Ventilated Children
    • Check ETT position on chest x-ray (tip in mid-trachea)
    • Secure ETT strapping
    • Splint the child's arms (in addition to sedation +/- muscle relaxation*)
    *The PIPER team will muscle-relax patients for transport while ensuring adequate sedation and, where applicable, seizure control.
    B Intubated/Ventilated Children
    • visually check adequacy of ventilation (chest movement)
    • visually check capnography and pulse oximetry
    • check blood gas if possible
    C All Children
    • if possible, obtain 2x IV access, confirm patency of IVs
    For Children with an unstable CVS
    • fluid bolus at the ready
    • resuscitation doses of Adrenaline and Metaraminol at the ready
    • ensure volumes of any inotrope infusions sufficient for transport
    D Intubated/Ventilated Children
    • ensure volumes of any sedative infusions sufficient for duration of transport
    E Intubated/Ventilated Children
    • ensure volumes of any sedative infusion sufficient for duration of transport
    F Family
    • please advise family that in the vast majority of cases, that unfortunately they will not be able to accompany their child due to limited space in most ambulances and aircraft
    G Check blood sugar
    X Please copy relevant documentation (medication charts, observation charts, notes) and radiology files for the PIPER team to take to the receiving centre.