143 Clotted dialyser and or venous blood line

  • Note treatment time remaining

    • Stop fluid removal (press UF start/stop button)
    • Stop blood pump
      If possible, return blood to patient (Wash back at desired speed), using "Closed Circuit" method
    • Stop blood pump when washback completed
    • Clamp arterial and venous blood lines and access
    • Replace venous line and prime it into bucket  (Replace dialyser if necessary)
    • Prime blood compartment of dialyser when priming new venous line (at least IL 0.9% saline)
    • Reset air detector

    Ready to recommence treatment

    • Reset remaining treatment time (to account for lost time.  If not sure, add non-diffusive time to displayed time)
    • Connect blood lines to access 
    • Remove all clamps
    • Recommence treatment 
    • Reassess Heparin requirement
    • Adjust UF volume if necessary (to allow for unplanned washback administered)
    • Record details in patient progress notes (? follow up FBE if blood lost)