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Creative Studio

Our services

  • Design

    When a consistent and familiar visual language is applied across all communications, it promotes confidence and trust. 

    The Creative Studio design team applies expertise in visual media to publications, websites, digital communications and mobile apps. The service also includes medical illustration, which transforms the complex into the easily understood, whether for scientific publication or patient education.

    We design work collaboratively from briefing to concept development to finished artwork, bringing expertise to vital aspects like branding, photography and print production. The finished result: work that engages readers through cohesive use of design, illustration and images.


    Our clinical photography team contributes to the care and treatment of children at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

    Undertaken by specialist medical photographers, we provide an invaluable service for documenting observable health conditions and injury, including change over time.

    The service includes a sophisticated, non-invasive 3D photography system, which captures finely detailed data to inform medical treatment and research. 

    Photography services

    3D imaging

    General photography

    Clinical photography (internal only)

    Medical Photography System MPS (internal only)


    The video production team specialise in screen and audio productions that educate, motivate, and make a lasting impression on audiences.

    We use the medium of video to show many things: the experience of an unfamiliar procedure; a safer way for staff to work; a pioneering surgical technique; or the extraordinary stories that occur every day in the health system.

    Our producers are equipped with more than broadcast-quality tools and resources - they’re experienced writers, directors, camera operators and editors with a keen understanding of healthcare and its unique challenges. 

    Web and app

    We support hundreds of content contributors from across the hospital to ensure an uninterrupted flow of essential information to the public.

    Now, with smartphones and tablets allowing consumers to stay connected to the RCH while on the move, we are focused on delivering an enhanced experience to every connected user, fulfilling the promise of a truly digital hospital.

    Web and app services

    Web services and development (internal only)