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By Five Wimmera Southern Mallee Early Years Project

  • By Five is a place-based initiative and community collaboration that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children, with the vision that ‘every Wimmera Southern Mallee child succeeds in learning and life'. 

    The By Five Innovation and Equity Hub brings together research bodies, service providers, practitioners and families to build on what already exists and to co-create and trial innovative, place-based services and intervention strategies for children and young people.  

    The initiative was instigated by the Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Partnership, and partners with the Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children’s Hospital and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. The By Five Innovation and Equity Hub is proudly supported by the Victorian Government and involves health, education, and social care organisations across the region. 

    By Five video

    Watch a short video about the By Five project.  

    The Paediatric Project

    The Paediatric Project is the flagship initiative of the By Five Innovation and Equity Hub. 

    The project establishes partnerships between paediatric specialists, local professionals and families to deliver high quality local care and improve the health and wellbeing of children.  

    The project provides a localised, family-centred model of care to improve equity and access to specialist care for children and young people in the Wimmera Southern Mallee region of Victoria. 

    Using a unique, integrated and multidisciplinary approach, the Paediatric Project optimises existing local expertise and resources across health, education and social care to build knowledge, promote learning, and increase the capacity and confidence of local professionals and families to respond to the needs of children and young people. 

    The project uses telehealth and digital solutions to enhance local primary care to better meet the immediate needs of families in the community, so children and young people get timely access to the care they need to thrive and meet their potential. The initiative is based on a tiered model of support for children and young people, families and professionals and builds on the services and systems that already exist. 

    By Five resources

    By Five has a range of resources available to support parents and professionals with improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people.  

    Community stories

    December 2021
    Community story 1: Carly Nevill In this community story, Carly, a primary school teacher, describes her involvement in the Paediatric project as a being part of a multi-layered approach to supporting children and leveraging the skills of educators.
    December 2021
    Community story 2: Kate Graham In this community story, Kate, a General Practitioner, describes her involvement in the Paediatric project as a being part of something very different with multiple benefits for children, families and professionals in the WSM. 
    December 2021
    Community story 3: Melanie WadeIn this community story, Melanie, a Maternal and Child Health Team Leader and Immunisation Coordinator, describes her involvement in the Paediatric project as providing support to rural and regional families in the best way we can. 


    March 2022 
    Community capability and capacity building – the secret to great care everywhereThis Royal Children's Hospital Grand Round explored the partnership between the Wimmera Southern Mallee By Five project and the Centre for Community Child Health. It examined what it looks like when primary health, education and social care unite to build relational practice, capability and capacity for the sake of a community’s children.
    September 2021
    Supporting children during lockdown 6.0

    Hosted by By Five, Berry Street and Communities that Care Yarra, this webinar explored the importance of reducing pressure on parents and children, signs children might be struggling and tips for parents on how to respond and where to get help if things become overwhelming.  

    Speakers: Dr Billy Garvey and Dr Tom Brunzell. Facilitated by Dr Claire Nogic.  

    May 2021
    Trauma informed education. Strengthening Care WSM

    A webinar for Wimmera Southern Mallee educators, early intervention, support and family services to promote trauma informed practice and collaboration to support children. The aim is to work together to create an environment where everyone gets the same opportunities in education, regardless of their life circumstances. 

    Speakers: Rachel Robinson, Dr Billy Garvey and Rebecca Harris. 

    October 2020
    Pushing the boundaries: using telehealth to improve access and care

    This webinar was the first of the CCCH Thriving Children, Thriving Communities series. It explores research, clinical, community and parenting perspectives on an innovative model of care that embeds paediatric specialists in primary care, and uses telehealth to improve access to care for children in remote and regional areas. 

    Speakers: Dr Billy Garvey,  Professor Sharon Goldfeld,  Professor Harriet Hiscock, Karen Inkster and Melanie Wade.   

    Policy Brief

    October 2020
    Pushing the boundaries: Using telehealth to improve regional access and care
    This CCCH produced Policy Brief focuses on telehealth and the opportunity to use existing services more effectively to embed paediatric expertise in regional primary care..     

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The Centre for Community Child Health is a department of The Royal Children’s Hospital and a research group of Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.