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Healthier wealthier families

  • The Australian ‘Healthier Wealthier Families’ (HWF) is a collaboration that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of families with young children by reducing financial hardship.

    HWF helps families to receive the financial support they need by linking them with financial counselling services already available in the community.

    The project will extend financial support to children and families by partnering with Australian communities and researchers, and by making better use of existing health and social services.


    About Healthier Wealthier Families

    The HWF collaboration will test the feasibility and benefits of linking Australia’s existing community-based nursing and financial counselling services. It adapts a successful model used in Glasgow, Scotland to reduce the financial hardship experienced by families with young children.

    The pilot study is the first step toward a large-scale trial to examine whether linking these health and social care services can improve the health and wellbeing of Australian children and families.

    Information for stakeholders


    The Australian collaboration

    The HWF collaboration is led by the Centre for Community Child Health and BEST START-SW, in partnership with community-based Maternal and Child Health and Child and Family Health services, Uniting Vic.Tas, Upper Murray Family Care, Wesley Mission, the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Western Sydney University, and the University of New South Wales. 

    Get in touch with Dr Anna Price to bring Healthier Wealthier Families to your community, learn more, or to join the research collaboration.

    How does financial hardship and poverty impact child and family health and wellbeing?

    The financial security of families is central to children’s wellbeing. It helps families access safe and healthy housing, nutritious food, healthcare and education, and enables children to grow up in environments with less financial stress. Unfortunately, in Australia, at least 1 in 6 children live in poverty, and one quarter experience deprivation (such as missing out on proper nutrition, housing and supportive personal relationships) due to financial hardship. Poverty can harm children’s future health, learning, economic productivity and participation in society. Without help, poverty can persist across generations. Our collaborative and service systems approach to reducing poverty and inequity aims to help our whole society be healthier and wealthier.


    The Australian HWF trial registration



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