Youth Advisory Council

About the Y@K (Youth at Kids)

  • We are The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Youth Advisory Council, more informally known as the Youth @ the Kids (Y@K). We aim to embody everything that an advisory council should be as we represent youth voice and aim to improve the hospital experience for all children and young people.


    Child Rights pictureChild Rights Video 

    In 2011, Y@K made a video about Child Rights. The Y@K felt that Child Rights are something they feel strongly about and met with a team of professionals in the RCH to pursue an idea they had made in a Y@K meeting.

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    Who we are...

    We are a group of young people who come together to talk about our experiences at the hospital, and have our say on how the RCH could be more child/ young-person friendly.


    • is open to young people between 12-25 years old
    • Terms of Reference document describes our background, goals, rights and responsibilities of Y@K members
    • meets monthly or whenever an issue needs some youth insight in the hospital
    • gives members the opportunity to gain skills, including; teamwork, leadership, confidence and problem solving

    Y@K is here to help the hospital to provide the best possible care for children and young people. Our motivation, optimism and determination will ensure the best possible outcomes for young people, just like us.

    - Miranda Van Groningen, Y@K member


    More information

    Check out the member profiles to learn about our Y@Kers.

    Y@K Terms of Reference have more detail about how Y@K operates.