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    Getting help

    Who to contact For Contact or link
    • The basics on how to use Healthdirect Video Call

    THE BASICS - using Healthdirect Video Call (Tip sheet for RCH staff)

    Troubleshooting resources

    Super-users troubleshooting (Tip sheet)

    Desk coordinator 

    • Getting equipment (webcam, speakers)
    • Generic logon details if you don't have your own (yet!)
    • Help with essential troubleshooting as above

    IT help desk 

    • Cannot fix the problem through essential troubleshooting
    • Camera install problems, for example:
      • Need Administrator permissions to install camera driver
      • Camera is blocked
    • Issues with Chrome
    • Computer problems, for example:
      • Computer crashes or freezes, too slow, lose icons across bottom, etc
    • Need Healthdirect Video Call logon (RCH staff only)
    • Need a webcam

    ext: x56277

    Request Healthdirect Video Call logon
    via ICT help portal or x56277


    Specialist Clinics Contact Centre

    • Requesting, cancelling, scheduling or rescheduling telehealth

    ext: x56180

    email: outpatients@rch.org.au

    Creative Studio

    • A few health services only use 'standards-based' hardware, also sometimes called 'traditional video-conferencing systems'.  The RCH telehealth platform (Healthdirect Video) cannot connect with these and this requires a different set-up.
    • The health service will give you a 'dial-in' address that looks like a phone number or includes an '@' or '#'.

    • Using RCH equipment and room VC set-up, for example
      • Meeting room projectors
      • Log in to conference phones

      Using RCH meeting room & ICT systems

      ext: 55483 

      email: simon.pase@rch.org.au or rob.grant@rch.org.au

      Telehealth Coordinator

      Telehealth Clinical Lead

      • Help or information on setting up or planning for telehealth in your service or department
      • Data on telehealth delivery in your service or department
      • Data on your potential telehealth - for example rural, regional or interstate patients seen in your service, etc

      ext: x54645
      email: chin-mae.raymundo@rch.org.au

      ext: x54293
      email: andrew.kornberg@rch.org.au

      Telehealth go-to people

       There are many telehealth competent people throughout the RCH and beyond.  Here are just a few:

      • Scheduling, including local providers, troubleshooting
        • Jack Morrison - Respiratory
        • Kerrie Scott - Nephrology
        • Rebecca Finlay - Urology
      • Scheduling (to the home), troubleshooting
        • All desk staff
      • Clinical uses, input and models of care etc
        • Prof Andrew Kornberg
      • General support, resource sharing, advice and networking

      Learn more - FAQs

      Tip sheets and resources 

      Need to know Link
      • How can I request telehealth?  

      • Which patients are eligible for telehealth?

      • Who can offer telehealth?  

      • Patients and referring doctors, please see Contact us

      • Requests for a telehealth appointment are made the same way as any other appointment - for example through the EMR post consult form or as part of the ward discharge process in the EMR.

      • Unless otherwise requested, default RCH telehealth is to the patient in their home and booked within a routine clinic.

      • Requests for telehealth to be run outside of clinic time or including a local doctor need to be arranged by the epartment - this can be discussed directly with the department administrator, otherwise Specialist Clinics will divert the request to them.

      • All clinicians can offer telehealth.  Not all telehealth is eligible for Medicare billing but all must be recorded as a telehealth encounter for Activity Based Funding (ABF) VINAH reporting and to be listed in the child's appointment history. 

      More information:

      • How do I book a telehealth appointment in Epic?

      • All Specialist Clinics staff can book routine telehealth to patients in their home

      • Telehealth that is run outside of usual clinic time, and telehealth including a local doctor is booked by Departmental staff or Specialists clinic staff who have received specific training in booking supported telehealth. 

      • Telehealth run outside of a clinician's usual clinic time must be booked in to a 'Telehealth clinic' in the EMR - eg "TH - Urology". These appointments are only scheduled or amended by the staff as above.

      • See Booking telehealth requests

      • See Guideline for booking supported telehealth (including a local doctor) 

      • See Process for booking supported telehealth (including a local doctor)

      • See EMR Tip Sheet: Telehealth scheduling
      • What are the criteria for Medicare billable telehealth?

      • How does billing work? 
      • To bill Medicare, the RCH provider must be a medical consultant with a signed 100% donation model agreement with the RCH and the patient must be in a Medicare eligible part of Australia (rural and regional Australia, all of Tasmania, all of NT).  Note - Geelong is not eligible for Medicare billing.

      • More information:  Billing telehealth 

      • Can I use telehealth infrastructure for meetings or interviews? 

      • Can I use Skype or another software? 
      • The RCH preferred platform for all video calling is Healthdirect Video Call - including for patient consultations, interviews, meetings etc.

      • If your video call includes 4 or more sites, the shared GoToMeeting licence may be a more suitable option.

      • GoToWebinar is suitable for group training for up to 100 participants.
      • GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar must be booked and can be used by anyone for online meetings, education & training etc with many participants (4 to 100)

      • Video-conferencing service - ERC (Creative Studio) manages the various rollabout  video-conferencing units available throughout the RCH.
      • What are the medico-legal implications of telehealth?
      • Where can I learn more about telehealth?
      • How can I organise for pathology or imaging to be done locally?

      Fax the standard RCH imaging or pathology request to any local service including your provider number.  Ask the family to attend that service.  The report will be sent to you and /or you can request to access results /  imaging online.

      The Xray group - www.xraygroup.com.au 

      Access imaging:  ZEDLINK

      Request access to view imaging via Zedlink

      • X-Ray@thegardens
      • Lavington Xray
      • Wodonga Xray
      • Wangaratta Xray

             Please note some of these resources are only available on the RCH Intranet for staff only.  

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