About the Safety Centre

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    Safety Centre Brochure (PDF, 400KB)

    The Safety Centre aims to reduce unintentional injury through:

    • Community consultation including the provision of resources to enhance support for those undertaking safety initiatives with local communities and with minority groups.
    • Information and advice
    • Education programs and services
    • Safety products for sale
    • Collaborative health promotion initiatives and support for media campaigns, legislative reform, improved product and environmental design

    Families with a special needs child or those wanting individual advice on home safety are welcome to make an appointment with a safety consultant in the Safety Centre.

    Since 1979 the Safety Centre's mission has been to reduce injury mortality and morbidity by supporting communities to improve health, safety and wellbeing.  The Centre's objective is to continue to be a leader in the provision of quality child safety promotion services that meet the needs of all.

    Are you interested in becoming a Safe Community accredited as an International Safe Community?

    The Royal Children's Safety Centre is Australia's only internationally designated Affiliate Safe Community Support Centre by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion. Since becoming accredited in 1999, Safety Centre staff have developed valuable expertise which has encouraged, helped guide and support communities such as the City of Latrobe, the City of Hume and the City of Casey to gain Safe Community accreditation.

    The Royal Children's Hospital strongly supports the promotion of the International Safe Communities (ISC) network, and supports national and international collaboration.

    As an Affiliate Safe Community Support Centre the Safety Centre supports the WHO Collaborating Centre in the development of the Safe Community Program and provides advice and support to communities in Australia and internationally.

    For more information on becoming an Accredited Safe Community please contact the Safety Centre or visit the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion.