Dr Max Robinson - Distinguished Service Medal 2002

  • Dr Max Robinson has been a distinguished member of the Royal Children's Hospital staff, and the hospital community, since his days as a resident in the 1940s. Max always brought great distinction to the various positions he held, positions which have included national and international appointments. Max's colleagues have frequently referred to his abilities as a paediatrician, as a diagnostician, as a teacher and as a dedicated physician to the children under his care as well as their families.

    Dr Robinson rose to be appointed to the position of Chief Medical Officer at the Royal Children's Hospital. He always carried out his duties efficiently and had excellent rapport with both junior and senior colleagues as well as nursing staff and para-medical appointees.

    Throughout his career Dr Robinson has always been interested in teaching and academic paediatrics. Therefore, it was not surprising that after many years as a staff consultant in paediatrics at the Royal Children's Hospital, linked with an appontment to the University of Melbourne, he accepted the position of Professor of Paediatrics in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia: many have attested to the excellence of the role he played in that institution.

    Dr Robinson's accomplishments are many, but reference must be made to his contribution to the literature - especially a text book of paediatrics, with a title of Practical Paediatrics, avidly read by countless generations of students.

    It is pleasing that Max has not been lost to the hospital since his retirement - he has continued an important role at the Royal Children's Hospital as President of the Alumni Association.

    Dr Robinson is a devoted husband, father and more recently, grandfather - kindly, thoughtful and productive and most worthy of receiving this award for Distinguished Service to the Royal Children's Hospital.

    Read by Dr Nate Myers