Partnerships for Children - HARP

Partnerships for Children

  • HARP in action at RCH

    Partnerships for Children - HARP is funded through the Department of Health 'Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP)  and offers programs aimed at supporting children and young people living with chronic and complex conditions, and their families.

    The key objectives of HARP services are to:

    1. improve patient outcomes
    2. provide integrated and seamless care within and across hospital and community sectors
    3. reduce avoidable hospital admissions and emergency department presentations
    4. ensure equitable access to healthcare.

    HARP Services are patient-centred, based on meeting client's individual needs, these can include physical and mental health, psychosocial and environmental needs. The table below indicates the various levels of service provision available for children and young people with chronic and complex needs ranging from intense service provision to generalist care. HARP services target individuals in level 1 & 2 by providing intensive care coordination. An important component of HARP service provision is the partnerships between hospital and community based service providers. The majority of clients supported by HARP have had at least one emergency admission to RCH.



    At RCH Partnerships for Children - HARP currently offers 4 programs of support:


    Support for children and young people who frequently present or are at risk of frequently presenting to the RCH emergency department.


    1. Community Asthma Program  (CAP)

    Education and support in relation to Asthma in conjunction with Dianella Community Health Service and cohealth .


    1. Diabetes Allied Health Team  (DAHT)

    Ambulatory Stabilisation for children and young people with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes and an Allied Health Clinic for children and young people with diabetes relates issues.


    1. Community Eczema Program (CEP)

      Community based Nurse-led eczema clinics at Dianella Community Health Service, cohealth and Inner East Community Health.