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  • Welcome to Nursing at The Royal Children's Hospital

    For 140 years Nurses have been providing leadership in paediatric nursing at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH). Nursing practice occurs in inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory care and community settings and we welcome nurses with all levels of skills, knowledge and experience into our teams. We are committed to competency based practice and provide nurses with a comprehensive, individualized orientation and familiarization programme and you can explore the opportunities on own careers website.  

    What's new  

    Nursing Titles, Appointments & Credentially Committee (NTACC)


    The Nursing Titles, Appointments and Credentialing Committee (NTAAC) was formed in December 2012. The Procedure for the Committee and Terms of Reference are located on the RCH Policy and Procedures webpage. 

    The Committee provides position description authorisation, titling, classification, credentialing, recruiting and appointment of nursing to management, clinical practice, education, research and honorary roles Grade 3 and greater as outlined in the Nursing EBA 2012-2016.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the committee please forward them to Cate.Harris@rch.org.au

    Nursing & Allied Health Education & Training Committee

    The Nursing & Allied Health Education and Training committee was developed in early 2014 and authorises the content development, delivery and maintenance of nursing and allied health education and training.   The committee ensures that the content of education and training  is contemporary and aligns with the organisations business and strategic plans.  The submission form can be found here and once completed returned to the committee via email ah.nursing@rch.org.au.