116 Haemodialysis Connection Using Central Venous Catheter

  • Haemodialysis Connection Using Central Venous Catheter 


    To safely connect the patient to the haemodialysis circuit via the CVC using aseptic technique

    Patient preparation

    Position patient flat with head turned away from CVC


    • renal dressing pack
    • sterile gloves
    • povidine iodine solution
    • 2 x 10ml syringes
    • 2 x 3ml syringes
    • 1 x 20G needle
    • 10ml normal saline ampoule


    Prepare work surface

    1. Simple handwash
    2. Open Renal dressing pack
    3. Prepare tray using aseptic technique
    4. Procedure handwash
    5. Don sterile gloves
    6. Draw up Normal Saline into 10ml syringe x 2
    7. Place large towel under the catheter
    8. Clean arterial lumen and venous lumen of catheter twice, beginning at the caps, moving upwards along the lumen. Ensure the clamps are clean
    9. Place sterile towel under clean catheter lumens and place paper towel on opposite side to create sterile field
    10. Remove cap from arterial lumen.  Place a 3ml syringe onto lumens.  Open clamp and aspirate the heparin lock. ie. 3mls. Close clamp. 
      Note:  Always keep the CVC under direct vision when the end is uncovered, only turn your back if the CVC tip is covered with a cap or syringe
    11. Flush arterial lumen, using 5mls normal saline, and ensure lumen will yield by flushing in and out two or three times
    12. Repeat 10 & 11 for venous lumen
    13. Take line with sterile gauze and clean it with Betadine before connecting it to the catheter. Release clamp on arterial lumen
    14. Repeat 13 for venous line 
    15. Initiate dialysis treatment