Koori Mental Health Project

  • Overview

    Access for Koori Clients

    Improving access for Koori Kids, young people and their Families to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

    Creating a Partnership between RCH MH and the Koori Community.

    The Koori Mental Health Social and Emotional Wellbeing officer is available for:

    • Secondary consultation to RCH MH case managers when working with Koori Families
    • Guidance in working with Koori kids and their Families in a culturally sensitive way
    • Cross cultural education within RCH MH
    • Discussion with Koori workers and Koori organizations and services about potential referrals

    The Aims of the Koori Mental Health Project are to:

    • Improve accessibility to RCH MH for Koori Families
    • Familiarise RCH MH staff with the issues facing Koori kids and their Families
    • Facilitate a working partnership between the local Koori organizations and services and RCH MH 
    • Create a culturally safe environment within RCH MH for Koori Families

    The mental health and well-being of Koori people can only be understood within the context of the Aboriginal concept of health:

    Health does not simply mean the physical well-being of the individual, but refers to the social, emotional and cultural well-being of the whole community (National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organization).

    There are significant barriers facing Koori Families preventing access to mainstream mental health services. Cultural isolation, fear of child removal and negative stereotyping contribute to under-representation of Koori people as clients in mental health services.

    The Koori Mental Health Project aims to break down some of these barriers and create a culturally safe and sensitive place for Koori Families.

    For further information contact  -  Koori Mental Health Social and Emotional Wellbeing Officer

    Phone: 03 9345 6011 or Mobile: 0419 521 929

    E-mail: moira.rayner@rch.org.au