Graduate Nurse Program

  • The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Graduate Nursing Program (GNP) is designed for newly graduate registered nurses to develop specific knowledge and skills required to work in this children's speciality hospital. This is a structured program with integrated study days and debriefing sessions to assist the graduate nurse to practice in a safe and supportive environment as a confident and accountable professional.

    The Program is designed to promote:

    • Child and Family centered care
    • Competence in Paediatric nursing practice
    • Engagement in critical questioning and reflective practice
    • Integration into effective multidisciplinary teams

    Graduate Nurse Program 2016

     Application Process

     There are 2 steps in applying for a Graduate Nurse position at the Royal Children's Hospital.

    1. All candidates must register via PMVC Computer Match

    2. Apply online to the Royal Children's Hospital via the advertised position on the careers site.  Online applications open on Wednesday 4th June  2015, and close at 5pm on Friday 24th July 2015.

     The following are requirements of the online application:

    1. Cover Letter
    2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) including photograph
    3. Academic Transcript
    4. Recent clinical appraisal documents / tools
    5. RCH Preference form.

    These documents will be used by the selection panel in shortlisting candidates for interview.

    1. Cover letter
    • Addressed to “Dear Nurse Unit Manager” (e.g addressed generically to all NUM’s)
    • Discuss the following concepts:
      • Paediatric nursing at The Royal Children’s Hospital
      • Insight into transition from Undergraduate student to Registered Nurse
      • Communication and interpersonal skills required for nursing in the paediatric setting.

      2. Curriculum Vitae 

    • Contact details: Include full name, address, phone number/s, email address and a photograph
    • Tertiary level education history (post-secondary)
    • Clinical experience (include no. of weeks and hours worked for each placement)
    • Recent employment history (include responsibilities in each role)
    • Volunteer experience
    • Professional development
    • Professional memberships
    • Referees
      • Include contact details of:
        • two professional nursing referees  who are able to describe your nursing practice
        • one referee from current employer (if not employed, volunteer work, sport coach, extra curriculum, church etc)
      • Include referees name, position and title, organisation, contact number and relationship (e.g. Third year clinical teacher).

     3. Transcript: A certified true copy of your academic transcript is required to be attached along with the application. This must be an official transcript and must include a grading key to assist the reviewing NUM.

     4. Clinical appraisal documents / tools: A certified true copy of your two most recent clinical appraisal documents / tools are required to be attached along with the application.

     5. RCH preference form: Applicants must indicate the intake (January or July 2016) and clinical services area they would prefer to work (Medical or Surgical).  Space is also provided for applicants who may wish to nominate a          unit which they would least like to be placed if successful.

    All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email by the 19th of August.

    Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a face to face interview at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). Interviews will take place over a two week period commencing Monday the 31st August 2015.

    If you are shortlisted for interview, further information regarding medication calculation test and interview dates will be emailed to you.

    Medication Test:

    The Medication calculation test is a short online timed test.  Details of this test will be emailed to you with a set time frame to complete prior to your interview. You have to complete and pass this test to be eligible for an interview at the RCH.

     Interview Process

    The interview process will take approximately 20-30 minutes with a small panel of senior nursing staff.  The interview is an opportunity for an applicant to demonstrate:

    • understanding of the structure and content of the Graduate Nurse Program at RCH
    • awareness of integrating the Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia (NMBA) competency standards for registered nurses into clinical practice
    • knowledge of contemporary nursing practice issues
    • ability to think critically
    • communication and interpersonal skills appropriate for  paediatric nursing
    • child and family centred approach to care 

    Key Dates

    Key Dates

    How can I prepare before submitting my application?

    • Read the Position Description and Frequently Asked Questions 
    • Consider which clinical services area you would prefer to work and review the Preference Form
    • Update your CV and advise your referees of your intentions
    • Draft your cover letter, addressing the criteria specified
    • Ensure you have up to date copies of academic transcripts and clinical appraisal documents
    • Organise certified copies of relevant documents 
    • Create electronic copies of certified documents for online applications
    • Learn about RCH and familiarise yourself with the organisation
    • Revise professional codes of practice and professional ethical standards 

    Useful links:


    Anita Mach  Administrator, Nursing Education  Phone 9345 6716 or
    Mercy Thomas         Nurse Educator, Graduate Nurses