Practical Paediatrics Program Online

  • Welcome to the Royal Children's Hospital online GP education program: The Practical Paediatrics Program Online (PPPO).  This program has been developed through a partnership with the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine, Networking Health Victoria and rural and regional Medicare Locals in Victoria.

    Important notes before you start:

    1. There are 10 activities for 2014-2016.  Each activity has been designed to take about one hour to complete.  You can do as few or as many activities as you like.
    2. Have your RACGP or ACRRM number handy.  You will need to add this during the evaluation to get CPD points.  Make sure you enter it accurately.
    3. You'll need to enter a valid and accurate email at the evaluation to receive CPD points.
    4. Headphones or a speaker will help you hear the lecture more clearly.
    5. There are PDF slides you can print for most talks, if you wish to write notes.
    6. You can return to the video at any time, but you cannot save the quiz or evaluation part way through.  So make sure you have about 10-15 minutes available when you get to this stage.
    7. Site navigation is based on a pre-set layout. Please bear with us if it seems a bit illogical at times... and just keep following your nose...
    8. RACGP / ACRRM CPD points will be allocated approximately every six months. 
    9. There is no cost.

    Each activity consists of the following components:

    1. Introduction:
    Overview, speaker bio and information on RACGP CPD points.

    2. Learning materials
    Watch video - a recording of a GP lecture held at the RCH. The duration is provided, and ranges from 10-50 minutes.
    Required reading - included in some activities only.
    Optional reading and resources - provided for all activities. Eg articles online, websites, parent factsheets etc.
    3. Quiz
    This is a learning tool only. We do not report your results to the RACGP and there is no 'pass mark'.  Correct answers or explanations are provided.

    4. Evaluation
    Required for CPD points. This follows the quiz. Have your RACGP/ACRRM number on hand to submit at this time.
    You must also provide your full name and email in the prompted fields to get your CPD points.

    Please include feedback & suggestions for improving this online program. 

    Please use the online evaluation or contact Rob or Alexis directly as below to help us improve this program.

    Activities for 2014-2016



    Activity reviewed & reopened
    01: Crying baby (currently unavailable) Harriet Hiscock Jan 2014
    02: Acute Dermatology Exanthems David Orchard Jan 2014

    03: Coeliac Disease and Reflux

    Tony Catto-Smith Jan 2014

    04: LFTs and FODMAPs

    Winita Hardikar & Liz Rodgers Jan 2014

    05: Vascular Birthmarks

    David Orchard

    Jan 2014
    06: Common Paediatric Orthopaedic Conditions Part 1 Leo Donnan Jan 2014
    07: Common Paediatric Orthopaedic Conditions Part 2 Leo Donnan Jan 2014
    08: ENT Libby Rose Jan 2014
    09: UTI and Nocturnal Enuresis Susie Gibb Jan 2014
    10: Ophthalmology in General Practice Susan Carden
    James Elder
    Lloyd Bender
    Nisha Sachdev
    Jan 2014


    Good luck, we hope participation in these activities will be useful....

    This program has been made possible through a grant from the Clinical Paediatric Network, Department of Health (Victoria) and a partnership between:

    • Networking Health Victoria - formerly General Practice Victoria (GPV)
    • Australian College of Rural and Regional Medicine (ACRRM)
    • RCH Primary Care Liaison
    • Rural and regional Medicare Locals (Victoria)

    For more information contact: