About us

  • Imagine students actively engaged in teams - with their teachers and performing & visual artists - to explore arts techniques including dance, drama, music, movement, role play, circus, mask-making, mosaic, multimedia, painting, puppetry and poetry!

    Imagine these teams using these techniques to explore mental health issues in highly creative, problem-solving, solution focused, health promoting ways and having fun at the same time!

    Imagine the team in each school inviting parents, family, friends and community members to join in too, and to form the audience for a combined performance and exhibition with other local schools to share and celebrate their diverse artworks and finished performance pieces!

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    See the FHL video

    Imagine the opportunities this creates across the curriculum, at home and within the community, for conversations, skill-building and understanding how we can all build and maintain our mental health!

    The Festival for Healthy Living does all this and more. It is an exciting and innovative mental health promotion strategy, auspiced by The Royal Children's Hospital Mental Health, which builds capacity in schools and communities for mental health promotion through the arts.

    To quickly find out what the Festival is about and see some examples of performances and participants' comments, click on the link above  for a video presentation.

    To find out who our partners and supporters are, click here