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  • A surgical preparation book for children

    Going to hospitalTM

    GTH CD cover

    This interactive CD-ROM game is for children aged 7-11 years of age who are having surgery. It teaches children about going to hospital and what happens when they have an operation. There are fun activities to do, lots of information for parents/guardians and five coping skills that teach the child how to relax and deal with fears about being in hospital. There is an accompanying activity book which helps children to practice these coping skills both at home and in hospital.

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    Topics/activities covered include

    •  Calm breathing
    •  Mind pictures
    •  What should I pack?
    •  Having my observations taken
    •  What does theatre look like?
    •  Busy brainwaves
    •  People I have met
    •  How I managed pain
    •  Photo board
    •  Going home


    • A feature of the booklet is Zoobie", a special friend to help guide the patient through the various activities to be completed, prior to and during their stay in hospital.
    • The CD game shows what happens when the child  has an operation
    • Information for parents
    • Exercises that teaches the child  how to cope with difficult situations
    • Fun activities to do while in hospital

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    Zoobie game1.jpg

    Coping activities for toddlers/children/ adolescents

    Toddlers and preschool breathing and relaxation activities

    • practice with the toddler or young child to blow bubbles or windmill
    • for pre school/school age child may pretend to "blow candles" out of an imaginary cake. Ask the child questions about the type of cake, theme on the cake, number of candles etc.
    • or coach the child to take big belly breathes, ask the child to place their hand on belly and breathe in slowly and out making the sound SHHH.

    Five coping activities for children ages 7-11 years TM    

    The five coping strategies are designed to assist children to deal with anxiety producing situations such as tests and procedures.The right preparation can make the experience more positive and rewarding.


    Links for children - websites

     The following links have children's programs in the areas of preparing for surgery, anaesthesia, IV, blood work and medical imaging. Medical words, staff and equipment differ between countries, please be aware of this when your child and you visit some of the links.

    Making pain go away

    Making The Hurt Go Away

    A booklet that has been written to help children and their parents understand how any pain experience may be managed while they are in hospital.

    The booklet is designed in such a way that children can personalize it by drawing how they feel and documenting things such as the words they use for pain, as well as colouring in pictures within the book.


    Written by: Kate Brereton a Nurse Consultant who has worked extensively in pain management and Leanne Hallowell an Educational Play Therapist with extensive paediatric and early childhood experience.

    Illustrated by:Darren Pickering

    For further information or to place an order please visit  RCH Shop Online

    Pain, Pain Go Away: Helping Children with Pain

    The booklet gives information about pain in children, how to recognise pain and what to do. It contains suggestions about things that help children with pain and how to prevent  distress and fear. A Clinical Nurse Consultant with the Children's Pain Management Service at Royal Children's Hospital, together with three Pain Specialists from Canada have written the booklet for parents and health professionals about children's pain.

    Pain go away