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    Latest edition: Vol 23 No. 4 November 2015 

    Sleep and crying

    In the first years of life, sleep can be a very complicated, and even distressing part of life for a family. Sleeping and settling are learned skills for a baby, and they do not always come naturally. 

    Family violence

    The social and psychological impacts of family violence on children can be as significant as the physical impacts. Universal services play a critical role in early intervention.

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    More resources about sleep, and family violence:

    • Have you heard about Baby Business? This low-cost, evidence-based resource offers accessible information for parents and families about sleeping and crying in the first few months of their new baby’s life. There are significant discounts available for bulk orders. Place your order here!

    • The Raising Children Network offers terrific resources for parents and families about sleep in the early years. These resources are also available in Dari, Persian, Vietnamese, Karen, Arabic and Simplified Chinese. 

    • The Domestic Violence Referral Service offers a list of resources that are available around the country, as well as services that are available in your state or territory.
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