Our People

  • CCCH is made up of over 200 MCRI and RCH staff specialising in paediatrics, psychology, education, early childhood, public health and communications. 

    Internationally recognised researcher, author, lecturer and consultant, Professor Frank Oberklaid is the Director of the Centre for Community Child Health and a Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne.

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    Key CCCH People


    Professor Frank OberklaidFrank-Oberklaid-small
    Centre Director

    • Early childhood development & behaviour
    • Brain development and life-course
    • Prevention, early detection and intervention of problems affecting children (obesity, mental health, language, learning and literacy, hearing)
    • Refocusing early childhood services for better outcomes
    • Early childhood and health policy
    • School reform
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    Assoc. Prof Jill SewelAssociate Professor Jill Sewell
    Centre Deputy Director
    • Early childhood development and behaviour
    • Learning difficulties, language delay, ADHD, ASD, and other developmental/behavioural disorders
    • Child health services
    • Health/education interface
    • Medical workforce
    • Health policy at state, national and international settings
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    Sue WestSue west
    Associate Director
    • Early childhood policy
    • Translation of research into practice
    • Workforce development
    • Service improvement
    • Evaluation
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    Gehan RobertsAssociate Professor Gehan Roberts
    Associate Director, Clinical Services

    • Developmental evaluation
    • behavioral consultation
    • Learning disabilities, 
    • Psychopharmacology
    • General paediatrics
    Assoc. Prof Melissa WakeProfessor Melissa Wake
    Associate Director, Research
    • Childhood obesity
    • Language and literacy delay
    • Developmental and behavioural concerns
    • Infant hearing screening
    • Community-based health strategies
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    Dr Daryl Efron - Co-ordinator of Clinical ServicesDr Daryl Efron
    • Child development
    • Developmental disorders of childhood including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders
    • Paediatric psychopharmacology
    • Neurodisability in childhood
    • Interfaces between education, welfare and child health
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    Associate Professor Harriet Hiscock
    Senior Research Fellow
    • Early intervention and prevention of common infant and child behaviour
    • Infant crying problems
    • Infant sleep problems
    • Child behaviour problems
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    Dr Tim Moore - Senior Research FellowDr Tim Moore
    Senior Research Fellow
    • Development of effective services and service systems for young children and their families
    • Developmental needs of young children and their families
    • Early childhood intervention services for young children with additional needs
    • Professional development of those working with young children and their families
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    Sharon GoldfeldAssociate Professor Sharon Goldfeld
    Paediatrician and Research Fellow


    • Indicators and data to measure children's outcomes
    • Policy service development
    • Early literacy promotion
    • Health services research
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    Dr Zeffie Poulakis Zeffie head shot
    Co-director, Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program

    • Child health research
    • Health service delivery and management
    • Infant hearing screening
    • Hearing loss in children - early identification, examination and promotion of optimal developmental outcomes
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    Dr Melinda BarkerMelinda Barker head shot
    Co-director, Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program

    • Children's health, learning and development
    • Infant hearing screening
    • Hearing loss in children
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