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About the Centre
The Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH) has been at the forefront of Australian research into early childhood development and behaviour for over two decades.

CCCH conducts research into the many conditions and common problems faced by children, such as obesity, language and literacy delay, and behavioural concerns, that are either preventable or can be improved if recognised and managed early. More...

Nutrition in childhood

grow-thrive-nutrition-families-0-5The latest edition of Grow & Thrive has just been released. Find out why nutrition is so important in the early years and learn new ways to make good nutrition fun! More...

27 Feb 2014

Resilience for kids

New issue of Grow & Thrive for early years educators is out now! The topic this time is Resilience - there are great parent resources too. More...

26 Nov 2013

Movement in children with cerebral palsy

An upcoming webinar will use cases to demonstrate common tools for describing and classifying movement disorders and functional abilities in children with cerebral palsy. More...

22 Oct 2013

Under fives need learning assistance

A new report into early childhood has found that one in five Australian children need assistance with learning when they start primary school to prevent them falling behind and developing lifelong problems. More...

18 Oct 2013

Webinar: Autism and social communication

An upcoming webinar will look at ‘Social communication and verbal behaviours in children with autism spectrum disorder’. More...

08 Oct 2013

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